Rainy Summer Days (and Nights)

I have always been a fan of rainy summer days.  There have been times, of course, where I have wanted to do something outside – beach, hike, picnic, whatever – and been disappointed that the weather did not cooperate but, largely, I think of a rainy summer day as a respite.  In summer, my tendency is sometimes to “make hay while the sun shines,” and that may mean abandoning something I should do or want to do in favor of following the sun.  I try to take the advice of the Beatles, “Tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun.” That is, generally, good advice to follow.  Things usually can wait for another day when it is cold or dreary so I think people should follow their own kind of sunshine.  A rainy day takes that choice away and causes us to do something else.  The pandemic has caused people to read, sew, and cook, do puzzles and play board games.  A rainy day is a time for those things as well. And the rain takes away the choice – sometimes almost an obligation – to be out and about doing something that cannot be done when the cold and damp of November descends upon us. I slept in today for the first time in a long time (sleeping in for me is anytime past 6:00 am).  I am drinking my coffee and engaging in one of my favorite pastimes – lollygagging – and I intend to revel in the day.  I actually have some sewing to do but there are three new books still in the Barnes and Noble bag as well and chili fixins in the fridge. Happy rainy Friday.  I hope if you are reading this, you find fulfillment in the day.  We are experiencing a tropical storm which will carry us through till tomorrow.  Tonight, I hope to recall the words of Eddie Rabbitt:

Well I love a rainy night; I love a rainy night.

I love to hear the thunder;

watch the lightning when it lights up the sky.

You know it makes me feel good.

Well, I love a rainy night; it’s such a beautiful sight.

I love to feel the rain on my face;

taste the rain on my lips,

in the moonlight shadows.

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    1. Good thing we do, Janie, because it seems to keep on coming! Hope all is well!

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