A Double-Edged Sword

In Shawshank, Red is “the guy who can get it for you.” He is able to procure items which make prison life more palatable.  On page 17, Red says, “…and I guess you’ll know what guys in here do with such items during the long nights when time draws out like a blade.”  That perfect Stephen King phase “time draws out like a blade” evokes an image in my mind of a swashbuckler removing a long sword from the scabbard. As we finish our last remote learning session before the start of spring break, we are on the precipice, staring at a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we are looking down the pike at ten heavenly days of rest and relaxation; on the other, we are staring down the well of ten days of viral incarceration.  Where does the sword land? Probably somewhere in the middle: happy to be off but worried about the world and sad about canceled plans, closed parks, and different days. I am going to try to enjoy getting up in the morning and using my computer for pleasure instead of work then being able to move about my home without knowing I have to return to the computer chair. I hope to remain grateful for my life – the health of my family and friends, sunshine soothing my shoulders, drinking coffee without an agenda, reading books that aren’t in the curriculum.  I hope to defer worry about my students and how they are coping. I hope to remember those who are ill or afraid. I hope to find the restorative powers of respite. I hope.